Hopes and Goals for 2012

[Porter being a good sport on some New Year's Eve of yore...still missing our old girl, but thankfully getting to the point where memories like this make me smile.]

I like the ritual of making New Year's resolutions.  It's my love of list-making coming out, combined with my general optimism about life--"Next year we're going to get so much done, and it's going to be so great!" 

But, while they're all synonymous, I prefer to think of my list each year as "hopes" or "goals" rather than "resolutions".  It's just a tiny difference in the shade of meaning, but it is--in my humble opinion--a worthwhile distinction.  Some of my hopes and goals for 2012:

1. I would like this to be the year we learn to live without credit cards.  We were actually doing well towards that goal at this time last year...then we had a baby.  While we have tried to be careful, it turns out that lack of sleep lowers my spending inhibitions.  But it's time to get back on track, rein in the morning lattes, and start enjoying more frugal fun.

2. I want to take more walks outside this year, even when the weather is less than ideal.  

Sometimes I think we really should move about 100 miles North, because--while I can pretty much take whatever Winter throws my way--July and August make me want to hide inside next to an air vent.  

I'd like to get into the habit of taking a family walk every Sunday.  Like, rain, snow, boiling sun, whatever.  While I know that every week may not be do-able, let's say most weeks.  And on a real, bona fide trail, not just downtown and back.

3.  I want to make two quilts.  A knitted Beekeeper's Quilt for myself, and a twin-sized one for the Kid. (This one is leading the running.)

4.  And speaking of bees, I want to take a beekeeping class this Spring.  I'm still not positive we'll be ready for a  hive this year, but after reading and researching (and seeing several hives first hand in Philadelphia last Spring) I'm ready to take the next step.

5.  Last, but not least, partially in-line with the goal of having "frugal fun", I have two little social projects I want to get going.  One here, one elsewhere.  But I'm going to be a tease, and leave it at that for now.  If you want to know more (about the first project, anyway) check back in next week!

Happy New Year everyone!