New Year's Day

When I was a little girl, I thought New Year's Day was the worst day of the entire year.  Just as the Christmas decorations always came out on the day after Thanksgiving, New Year's Day was the time to pack them all back up again.  Which meant not only stripping the walls and taking down the tree, but cleaning house.  Add in the fact that we typically resumed school on January 2nd, and it was just awful.

As an adult, I'm kind of fond of New Year's Day.  I love Christmas and all the attendant feasting and merriment, but at some point I need an end to it too.  The bare walls that made me cry as a child are refreshing to me now.  Giving the house a good scrub, purging some unnecessary stuff, paring back to more simple January days (getting the Kid back on a normal sleep schedule!) feels good in my soul.

And always some new little plans and projects to think about....Yes, I really do like New Year's Day.