Isola's Letter Writing Club

For...maybe a year now, I've had a back-burner obsession with becoming a better letter writer.

The inspiration began with books. Guernsey, of course, and more recently The Wednesday Letters, but also a few bloggers, see e.g. Tea and Post.  Perhaps second to Guernsey, but more important than all the rest, my own shoe box of saved letters has also been calling to me.

[From top left to right: A stack of thank-you notes ready to go out...a letter from my dad on my 18th birthday...a Valentine's letter from my grandmother...the hospital bill from when I was born (my dad found it and sent it as a joke sometime before the Kid was born)...the Kid's birth wedding invitation...a letter from my grandfather on my high school graduation.]

I have a saved folder of important emails, but somehow it doesn't have the same tang as these letters.  The choice of paper, the Grandfather has been dead for many years, but seeing that signature I can almost hear his voice in the next room.  And my dad's bright post-it notes, always fluttering along with things he sends, like baby tropical birds....

So, I want to start writing letters.  And I would like some company--hence Isola's Letter Writing Club.  (Eponymous of my favorite Guernsey character--really, if you haven't read it, you need to!)  

The plan is this:  If you want to join up, send me an email with your address.  (My email is blackbird13[at]gmail[dot]com.)  For however many of us there are, I'll match up pen pals.  Then, on the 20th of each month for 2012, we sit down and write a letter.  Just a letter.  You can type it or write on pretty stationery or scrawl on notebook paper--whatever pleases you best, but I really want it to be about the letter, so no other bits and bobs necessary.

I'll help out with some writing prompts, because that's always the part I have trouble with.  Also, if you're inclined to send excerpts or photos of your letters (or just letter writing emphera in general) I'll post some here for fun.  (Also, I've started a flickr group.) 

If you're "in" drop my an email by the 10th of this month.  I'm a bit excited about it, so I hope some of you are game!  I've got everyone all paired up, so sign-ups are closed now.  If you missed out this time, I'm sorry!  If it goes well maybe we can do another round, eh?