Eleven Days, Four Teeth, More Eating

The Kid has been on Winter Break for eleven days.  He goes back to school tomorrow.  

When he left his teachers on the evening of the 22nd, he was obviously teething, but he was still "officially" the Toothless Wonder.  He was asking Santa for his two front teeth, remember?

Santa delivered big time, bringing the Kid his four front teeth.

In our childbirth class one night, someone joked about how nice it would be to have a three hour labor.  The teacher grimaced a little and said that, while getting it over quickly might sound good, it's very hard on the who-ha.  (Yes, I just said, "who-ha"--that wasn't actually the word the teacher used, because she is a grown-up and I am not.)

I believe a similar statement can be made about growing teeth.  Popping them out all at once seems like a good plan, but the reality has been painful for the Kid and sleepy for the grown-ups.

But, while it's still dicey, they all seem to be through now.  

We attempted to photograph them for posterity yesterday afternoon....


[Meryl:  "C'mon...say 'ahhh'...ahhhh...ahhh...."]

[Can you see them there?]

One upside of teeth is that--just in the past few days--the Kid has become interested in all sorts of different food.  He's never been a bad eater, but he has his little phases.  (Nice Mom was up to watch him last week, and was amused that he eats his morning egg better if it's cut into even squares.)

But last night he ate dandelion greens--dandelion greens!  Granted they were covered in tomato sauce and cheese, but he has shown himself perfectly capable of picking out the green stuff (and dropping it for Moe) before.  This time he was purposely picking it up and putting it in his mouth.

I had been a little afraid that he would die of scurvy (or some other terrible pirate disease) with as few veggies as it feels like we get in him, but maybe there's hope after all?  At least until the next round of teeth?