Brothers and Sisters

Another photo session for my friend Moxie and her family.

I must admit, I feel quite a kinship with her these days.  In addition to becoming mamas within a month of each other, her family is now blended in many of the ways mine was growing up (step-parents, siblings with significant age differences) so it's interesting for me to compare and contrast.  (And hope that I don't bore her or seem to butt-in too often in doing so!)

As I was editing these pictures though, it really hit me extra hard that--in my experience with step-mothers (and I've had a few!)--she's definitely one of the good ones.  

Growing up, my mom would get irritated at anyone who asked my brother and I, "So, you're only half-siblings, right?"  "We don't do halves in this family," was her sharp retort.  And it was a self-fulfilling statement.

I think the same could be said of these three.  There might be some technical distinctions.  And I'm certainly not detracting a single thing from the mother of the older two...but these guys look like brothers and sisters--and, indeed, a family--to me.

(Side note:  This was my first photo session with both the new camera and my new straight fifty lens.  I think you can tell I'm still feeling the lens out a little in a few shots--the blur is so awesome that I can't always restrain it--but overall I'm in love.)