The Kid's Cookie Club: Good Ole' Chocolate Chip

I was much too pleased with my own cleverness this year in settling on a Christmas gift for our grandmothers.  Both Sweet Husband's grandma and mine have downsized to small apartments in recent years, so getting them "stuff" always makes me feel like we are burdening them.  

What I really wanted was a gift that would keep giving.  Something that would let them know we were thinking of them from time to time throughout the year.  One year we went in with Sweet Husband's cousins and did a flower of the month club for his grandmother.  The idea was perfect--and as a group gift it was great--but a bit expensive to strike out on our own.  Nonetheless, I knew I wanted to do something like that.

Then I got to thinking, they both live within a day of us by mail.  Why couldn't I make my own "of the month" club?  Flowers would be too perishable, of course, but people send cookies by mail all the time, right?  And I could add notes and pictures of the Kid from time to time, because all grandmas like those, yes?  Thus, "The Kid's Cookie of the Month Club" was formed.

For January, we decided to start the year simple with a jar full of classic chocolate chip cookies.  A half-dozen cookies--just the right portion for one--fit perfectly in a wide-mouth canning jar.  Although I did do quality-control to be sure they tasted OK, the cookies this time were Sweet Husband's doing.  I'm happy to report that he has overcome his lack of chocolate chip cookie gene splendidly.  The recipe--which is the one we always use--is the one on the back of the Ghirardelli chocolate chip bag.