Two Bowls of Popcorn, Both Alike in Dignity

I'm told some families fight over pizza toppings.  We have never had that difficulty (hello there, Hampy Special), but popcorn is a different matter.  Not that we ever fight over it, per se, because, of course, it's not hard to separate it out into two bowls.  But we do generally have to have the two bowls.

Sweet Husband likes Parmesan cheese on his.  I like Parmesan and I like popcorn, but together they have a funny wang.

I like a healthy amount of furikake.  Sweet Husband likes his nori wrapped around spicy tuna and no where else.

I have to wonder, do husbands and wives normally divide up their popcorn like this?  Besides a little butter and salt--which are givens--what do you like on your popcorn?