Crocheted Rag Floor Pillow

We've been "evolving" the Kiddo's room this weekend.  

Truth be told, he hadn't slept a night in there until earlier this week.  But all of a sudden we all just needed a little more space.  While he's still spending about half the night in bed with us--and will be welcome to, pretty much as long as he wants--he's starting out each night in his own room.  

I have just a few more touches to make before I post pictures of the changes, but today I wanted to share this little floor pillow I made this weekend.  

After putting the Kid to bed one night, Sweet Husband came downstairs and requested that we add some firmer floor seating to the Kid's "new" room.  I had a few balls of rag strips and a crochet hook, so I just kind of started playing.

Floor pillow

I sewed together some of the strips, and just knotted others.  The whole pillow took about four balls of rags, each the size of a small cantaloupe. 
Floor pillow-1

Then I started to crochet in a circle.  It's hard to give you a pattern, but generally speaking for whatever row you're on you need to do that many stitches between increases.  (So on the fifth row, every five stitches, for example.)  If the circle starts to look bumpy and wobbly, do increases less often.  If the edge starts to curl up, do more.

Once the pillow is a bit wider than you want it, stop doing increases altogether to make the sides go straight up.  I kept going for about four inches or so--that was when I ran out of rag strips.

There are many ways you could finish this.  We had a couple of old pillows lying around, so I double stuffed one into the cover and threaded a cord through the last row of stitches.  A little pulling and cinching, and we were in business.