One of Those (Awesome) Weeks


Do you ever have those weeks when you just feel like you're "on"?  Like, everything is getting done at work and the laundry is put away and your child is happy and healthy and "oh look, I got four inches of knitting done".  

I used to shy away from acknowledging those times, even to myself.  Listening to my own inner monologue say, "Hey there, I'm pretty awesome!"  feels inappropriately egotistical.  It triggers my inner Marmie March voice re: how a polite woman should think and act--in a word, humble.


But, here's the thing, I have no problem listening to that voice when I've mucked something up.  In fact, it's hard to get it to shut up at those times.

So if I have to live with it at it's worst, why shouldn't I get to enjoy it at it's best?
So, I'll say it.  It's only Tuesday.  And I've had some lovely help.  But so far this week...kicking ass, taking names.  Off to get s'more done while this productive streak lasts!