What Am I Going to Do About Emily?

This is Emily.  She was my bunny growing up, and one of two stuffed animals I've saved to pass on to the Kid.  

But Emily was always a very proper bunny.  She would be distressed, for instance, if I forgot to sit her upright in bed before leaving for school in the morning.  And that being the case for such a minor indignity, having the stuffing coming out of her head is, I'm sure, truly horrifying for her.

I pulled her out on New Year's Day to just consider her for a bit before I get to work remedying the situation.  I know she's going to undergo a gender and name change--from Emily to Edward in homage to The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.  And obviously with that will come a much needed set of new clothes.

But the part that keeps giving me pause is what procedure and material I should use to patch her head up?  Should I at least somewhat try to match and use muslin?  Or just embrace the fact that she's going to be patched and find some awesome plaid or print?  Should I just tack on the patches?  Or do I dare take her entire head apart?

If anyone had ever attempted anything like this before I'd love to hear about it.  I've set myself an Easter deadline, so I probably need to get started soon...but I'm just not sure where to.