The Kiddo's Crib-to-Floor-Bed Transformation


Prior to a few weeks ago, the Kid's crib was in our room.  He always began the night in the crib, but would often end up in our bed as the night went on.  It worked well in fits and spurts, but the bigger he was getting the less often it was working well.  So we decided to set him up in his own room with a new floor bed.

Initially, we just put his crib mattress on the floor.  However, that wasn't completely safe because (with our hardwood floors) the Kid could scoot the mattress around.  Also, with no ledge at all, there were a few nights that he rolled out of bed onto the rug--not a big deal, but not comfortable either.

We decided that just a teeny bit of a frame was necessary.  And, lo and behold, we had a base that was the perfect size--the bottom of the Kid's crib.

Knox's bed

To make the frame, Sweet Husband cut the side pieces (which are 8 inch tall boards) to the correct length, then attached them with screws.

He used fairly nice poplar boards so that there would be less sanding.  However, even then, he spent a lot of time getting the edges rounded off and everything perfectly smooth.

We finished it off with a few coats of "spoon oil", which smelled yummy.
The Kid is enjoying his new bed so far.  He likes to get in and out and in and out of it--like, look at me, I can do this!  

That's exactly the point, my dear one, exactly the point.