Oatmeal and Eggs


The Kid eats an egg for breakfast every morning.  Or, he did, until our hens decided to take an extended Christmas vacation and just not lay eggs for the month of January.

We could buy him eggs, of course--and to some extent we have been--but part of trying to eat seasonally is living with the off-season.  And, although you wouldn't know it from the grocery store, in January, eggs are off-season.

So Sweet Husband--the morning chef around these parts--has been trying to get the Kid used to eating oatmeal for breakfast instead.  Oatmeal with a little frozen strawberries or other fruit.

Only, the other morning, Sweet Husband made too much.  So I dutifully took the extras out to the hens for a treat.

They were very excited about it, yet confounded at the same time.  I could almost hear their little chicken brains, "It tastes so good!  But it's stuck to my beak--help!  But it's tastes so good...."

In any event, I believe it was well-received, because each day for a few days after that, I found one of these in the coop: