Bartering Rocks

A few months ago, Nice Friend and I did a barter, wherein she got a knitted cowl and I got a lovely new ceramic water mug for work.  This is not terribly uncommon for me.  I often pay for things in eggs and knitting, and often am paid in yarn and art.  It's fun for me, and less awkward than trying to put a price on what are essentially favors between friends.

A bit after our initial exchange, my friend's Nice Husband texted me:

Nice Friend's Husband:  The neck warmer you made...She is simply in love with and adores
Me: yay
Nice Friend's Husband: So much so that it has far exceeded an outdoor cold weather accessory and now has become a fixture in her daily wardrobe
Me: does she need more colors?
Nice Friend's Husband: . . . .You read my mind

Again, this is one of those situations where I would have knit for nothin'--encouraging men who want to surprise their wives with presents is a fine thing in my book--but when it was suggested that payment would be in the form of bottles of friends, bartering rocks!
From top (the pink one) easy stockinette cowl...a speedy cabled cowl...and a cap'n crunch.