The Kiddo's Due Date Party

K's bday
About this time last week, Sweet Husband and I started looking at the calendar to plan a trip to the grandparents' house for the Kid's first birthday.  We're going to be on vacation the week of his actual birthday, and a few phone calls to check other VIPs' schedules (i.e. the grandmas) quickly revealed that it was last weekend or never.  So I sent out invites to his "due date party" (his due date was February 1st, but close enough), and off we went.

K's bday-1
K's bday-2
In hindsight, that was probably the best thing that could have happened because it gave me absolutely no time to fret about details.  Pizza for dinner?  Hey, the Kid loves pizza!  Cake?  A monkey face made by his Awesome Auntie sounds perfect!  (Ohhh, I think I just gave her a blog name--henceforth, Sweet Husband's sister is "Awesome Auntie".)

K's bday-3
And, truth be told, I think much more would have been really overwhelming for the Kid, too.  He had a lot of fun playing with his small cousins.  He enjoyed demanding that every grown-up read Pete the Cat to him at least twice.  But by the time we got to cake, he was pretty over the whole party thing.  He took one little swipe at the chocolate icing and then started to cry.  

He missed out on some fabulous cake, but, not to worry, I didn't let his piece go to waste!