Waiting For a Guy to Jump Out of the Bushes and Say, "Punked!"

We have somehow become a Nielsen family.  

Like, Nielsen...you know, the TV ratings people.  We don't have the magic box yet, but so far we've gotten two or three surveys.  The latest one is a "TV diary" that we are to fill out in the next week.  It has cute little charts and graphs so that we can tell them exactly who is watching what and when.

The hilarious part is that our TV hasn't even been turned on this month, except for maybe some Pandora here and there.  (We stream music through our DVD player.)  The last time anyone even watched anything on Netflix was just after Christmas when my mom and sister were up.

So I will return the cute little booklet empty.

But with every survey they send five bucks, which--in these days of being frugal at our house--is the price of exactly one honey latte with tip.  So, essentially, they're buying me coffee to not watch TV.  It's insane, but I'm not complaining.