Five Senses, Right Now

A few sensorial experiences of note this week....


Taste, Smell, Touch, Sight.  

I bought a handful of these zingy little kumquats as a treat last weekend, and have been pulling them from their tiny bowl on my windowsill and nibbling at them all week.  Their plump, smooth skins, and tart, puckery interior would bring me out of even the deepest Winter funk.  (If we were having Winter this year, that is.  Because apparently we've just skipped ahead to Spring.)

Sight, Hearing, Touch.  

Sweet Husband bought an India Stone yesterday to sharpen our knives with.  They were getting terribly dull--particularly a problem when you're trying to cut every meal into toddler sized pieces.  

Last night he stood in the kitchen and carefully scraped each blade along the stone until they were all nice and sharp again.  The rhythm of it--schhwoop...schhwoop...schhwoop--was soothing, and I love watching his hands as he works with them.  (Loved having sharp knives to cook dinner with tonight too!)
Sight, Touch, Hearing.

I found a whole cabinet full of bargain knitting needles at the flea market this weekend.  While bamboo needles are undoubtedly easier to manage, I like the colors of the anodized kind.  And although I know it disturbs some, I find the more pronounced "click, click, click" they make very satisfying.

(Just to let you all know, I am tickled to be guest blogging on the Rhythm of the Home blog this month.  The plan is to leave a note here whenever I post there, and my first post is up today.  If you're so inclined, please pop on over and say hello!)