Pretty Bits In My Kitchen

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We often have a shriveling orange or lemon in the bottom of the crisper drawer, so I loved this idea of slicing it up and dehydrating it to make citrus powders.  I added some salt to the lemon, but left the orange plain, just separating the true powder from the bigger bits to make it easier for cooking with.  We've been using both in everything--salads, pasta, meat, cookies.  It's my new favorite trick for reducing food waste.

quail eggs, pretty eggs, spotted eggs, hard boiled eggs, scotch eggs, comfort food

Our ladies are back to laying enough eggs that we have no need for store-bought right now.  But for these gorgeous, tiny quail eggs, I made an exception.  Really, truly, they were so pretty I would have not eaten them, but (speaking of food waste, ahem) Sweet Husband insisted.  

So we hard boiled them and made a batch of scotch eggs.  It felt a little strange to make something so delicate into such big, hearty comfort food, but--with a little mustard-y sauce on the side--they were darned good.