One Year Later

We're heading to Maui next week for a family vacation.  While there, the Kid will celebrate his first birthday--we're hoping to round up a few hula girls for a photo op!

I will not personally be blogging here, but I'm sure I will be tweeting and Facebooking away, so--if you're interested--now is a good time to follow me on twitter (@MerylCA) or "like" the My Bit of Earth Facebook page.  (You know you want to!)

While I'm gone, five lovely ladies have agreed to fill this space with a whole lotta love.  (Literally, "love" will be the theme all week.)  From Maine to Massachusetts Street, to an adorable Valentine's craft, a yummy recipe, and even a little knitting--I hope you'll welcome them.

But right now, I need to take a moment to wrap my head around talk about the fact that my baby is turning one.

baby, birthday

It feels ludicrous to think that at this time last year I was still so very pregnant, that the Kid was still (literally) a part of me.  And now, we have a toddler on our hands.  A little man with opinions of his own, who tried to escape at the drug store the other day and was angry when I made him put back a package of neon colored hair curlers.

There are a lot of things I wish I could go back and tell myself, but, truthfully, I wouldn't have believed any of it at the time.  Some things you can only learn by living them.  Nonetheless....

....Your whole world is about to get exponentially bigger.  I know you think you know what the sky looks like, but you've only been seeing a fraction of it.  It's about to open up wide in front of you.  I know you think you've loved, but you have no idea how much greater capacity to love you have.

....Your whole world is about to get smaller too.  A trip to the library will be a "big outing" for awhile.  The grocery store will be a mini-vacation.  Poop and purees and milestones and baby-proofing are about to become the most important things in your life.  Celebrate the first time you remember everything in the diaper bag.  Pat yourself on the back every time you get to pee alone or take a shower.  Revel in it the first time he says "mama".  The small victories will keep your sense of humor intact.

....All those people who keep telling you, "You better get your sleep now, because you won't once the baby comes," are, indeed, evil.  But they are not liars.  Go to sleep.  Sleep all day.  Because it may not happen again for years.  However--even though it's rough at times--three in the morning can also be more beautiful than you've ever imagined.  You're so much stronger than you think you are.

....You know that little regretful catch that your older relative gets in her voice--still, fifty years later--when she talks about not being able to breastfeed her babies?  You're going to have that too.  But try like hell anyway, because you'll feel better knowing you did the very best you could.

....Your husband is going to be an amazing father.  Well done on you for marrying so well!

....And your kid?  He's going to be more awesome than you ever could have imagined.

Happy Birthday Monkey!