Knit Love

[Note from Meryl:  And how could we have "love week" without my favorite way to show love--hand knits!  Please welcome Leya from Curious Bird.

Leya writes about her adventures from a little bungalow in Durham, NC, which she shares with her husband, son, and sleepy white cat.]

Upon thinking about the word LOVE, a kazillion things began to float around in my head. I of course thought of the people I love and the feeling I get when I'm close to them or when their image or a memory about them enters my mind. I also began to think about all the things I love doing, things that give me energy and excite me.

After kicking around several ideas I decided it is best to just keep it simple and talk about a new discovery of mine, something I didn't instantly fall in love with, but slowly became fond of and now can honestly call it something I love.  I'm a little embarrassed to say, but what the heck, it's knitting.

Yep, something as simple and small as sitting down with a ball of yarn and some needles in hand, and (usually at a snail's pace) working that yarn into a hat or a cowl, or...well, mostly just those two things for now is a love of mine. And the best part is finishing a project for someone else -- not that everything I knit is for someone else, I have made plenty of things for myself.  

It's a wonderful thing that love can be found in so many ways. In the people we know and have known and in the simple things we do and even the food we make. That's the best part about it, I think.

Happy Valentine's Day! Have yourself a fancy chocolate.