Isola's Letter Writing Club: Ready to Plan Your Next Vacation?

Hello!  I'm back from warm, pretty places, although my body is still not sure when it's time to sleep in this chilly, midwestern time zone.  A big, old thank you to everyone who filled in last week--mmmwah to all of you!

I will tell you all about the trip--there was lava, there was sand, there was relaxing, there was adventure--over the course of the week.  But, as I shovel laundry into the washer and run to the store for milk, today is the 20th, which means it's time to write your letters, letter writers.

My pen pal will be getting a postcard this month, I think.  But for yours--if you need a little prompt--write about your favorite vacation.  From the sights to the smells to the tastes and sounds, what made it spectacular?  Or maybe there's somewhere you'd love to go that you haven't been yet?