Just Watchin' My Baby Play on the Beach

First off, thanks to Grandma Jill's mad organizing skills, the Kid did get that birthday luau--hula girls and all!  

But while it was a lot of fun, I have to say, my very favorite thing about our trip--and something we tried to do every day we were in Maui once we figured out how much fun it was--was just letting the Kiddo play on the beach.

He's at that age where every new thing is a delight and an adventure.  With so many new things to touch and smell and hear and see (and even taste--yeck!), he spent a lot of time with that beautiful "Well now, what is this new thing?" glimmer in his eyes.


And when that's the entertainment being offered, I'm a pretty cheap date.  I could have (and did!) sit for hours just enjoying his investigations.  I couldn't get enough pictures of his chubby, sand-covered hands and feet and face.

He loved the waves too.  About...oh, the third or fourth day, he really discovered them.  Sweet Husband and I spent the better part of an afternoon gripping his little arms--so he wouldn't wash away--as the waves crashed into his legs and chest.  His mad giggles each time the spray hit were worth the backache a thousand times over.