The Kid's Cookie Club: A Walking, Talking Mom Cliche

hawaii, fabric, tropical fabric, cookies, mail, packagingFebruary's cookie club tanked, hardcore.  

First, we were packing.  Then, we were vacationing.  Now, we're sick (or, at least the Kiddo is--an ear infection, poor bub).  Somewhere in there, I tried to make cookies.  Delicious dark chocolate.  Macadamia nuts from Maui.  A wee spike of lavender honey.  

Alas, I ended up with hockey pucks.  Greasy, lumpy, hockey pucks.  

Sweet Husband tried to be comforting, "They taste....ok," but there was nothing for it.  The hockey pucks went to the trash, and I went to my favorite bakery for some of their fresh double dark chocolate cookies.  And then I packaged them up beautifully--in some of the lovely tropical print fabric I also found in Hawaii--and off they went.  

While it makes me feel like a caricature of somebody's mother--buying store bought pie and sticking it in a pan to pass it off as homemade--trust me, grandmothers, you'll be glad I'm sending the bakery cookies!