Of Due Dates and Bootie Tests


These days I am wildly vacillating in my hopes and expectations for the Little Miss's birth date.  Of course--standard proviso--she'll come in her own darned time and my biggest hope is that she's healthy.  But show me a woman who's 8 months pregnant who says she's not hoping the baby will come on the early side of full term and I'll show you a big, fat (probably literally) liar.

Theoretically, our due date is November 30th. For awhile, I had convinced myself that the real due date is December 12th.  While I understand that second pregnancies can be different, I decided it was wise to set my expectation for the latest day possible rather than envisioning myself with a babe-in-arms at 38 weeks.  (The Kid was very nearly a 42 week child.  Yes, I nearly killed a few people towards the end.)

But then, you know, maybe that was just the Kid.  He's a cautious sort, after all.  Maybe this baby will come sprinting out in time to raise the flag for a late Veteran's Day?  Or perhaps for some Thanksgiving turkey, at least?  I will spare you my list of bodily symptoms, but she just feels more ready to go.  And having had one child already pass through has to have made the doors more easy to open a second time, right?  Right

Or else I'm deluding myself into hope.  Take your pick.

What I do know--depending on my energy and how much other "life" is going on at that point--is that if this little one does go past her due date, I want to come up with a project-for-good to occupy my mind during that time.  Something to make a little game out of it, if I can.  I'm considering making one pair of booties a day for every day that I'm "overdue" and then donating them or giving them away to someone who needs them.

At first I thought I'd make this pattern, but they took far too long and I didn't end up loving the huge looking foot section.  Then I came back to this one, which I made and loved for the first time a few years ago.  

I had to go down a few needle sizes and tweak the length--I have in my head that I want them to be newborn size--but I can make one in about 30 minutes.  Very doable at a pair-a-day pace.

Does anyone else have a quick, awesome bootie pattern that I need to test out before I commit myself?