An Accomplishment

One time, when I was pregnant, a friend tried to warn me about changing my definition of what's essential in any given day.  I believe the words, "Some days getting the cheerios swept off the floor is a great accomplishment," were spoken.

So. Very. True.IMG_5585

IMG_5586[OK, we'll take a picture....Ahh! Hey, don't touch mommy's lens Señor Snotty Hands!]


I was a human pillow for an hour.  Thankfully, Sweet Husband brought me my laptop and coffee before he left for work.  That made me a happy pillow.  

Then, when the bub awoke, we had a dance party, read Charley Harper about a million times, and made art with yogurt and cereal (the Kid clearly thought he was being artistic, and who am I to argue?).

Then I took a shower--because, honestly, I kinda smelled bad--while playing peekaboo with the shower curtain.  (There was a time in my life that may have been, it was just very cold.)  It was clearly time for a nap after that, and based on my earlier helplessness I gathered supplies before retreating to our bed.  A few episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice cued up on the Hulu, a knitted hat to finish up....I was good for a few hours.

But not four.  If I had know it was going to be four hours, I would have brought my phone.  Because, by hour three, my laptop battery was getting low.  I had finished my hat, and I was out of TV.  Further, I was starving and thirsty and the coffee was working on my bladder.  But moving was clearly not an option.  Like, even just adjusting to keep from getting a crick in my neck brought whines and "you don't really want me to wake up, I promise" moans.

Thank goodness for friends on Facebook, otherwise I might still be there.  (Via telephone tag, Sweet Husband was summoned home with lunch and more coffee....yay coffee!)

The day was concluded with more books, a ukulele jam session, some photography, and a bit of muddy chicken herding.  The Kiddo is feeling much better, and it seems likely he will be able to go to school tomorrow.

But for five hours today, I was a damn good pillow.