The One Year Photo Shoot

toddler, baby, sailor suit, hawaii, beachtoddler, baby, sailor suit, hawaii, beachSomewhere in the melee, I forgot to post the Kiddo's "official" one-year photos.  The sailor suit is vintage Sweet Husband.  (Literally, he wore it for a photo at the Kid's age and Nice Mom-In-Law saved it, I can only imagine because it's so incredibly darling.)  

I already did the sobby "my-baby-is-getting-so-big" post, so I'll try not to belabor it, but over the past few weeks it's become even more apparent--we're raising a little person.  An independent person who wants to drink from cups and insists on walking sometimes.

He is in the process of transitioning to a new room at school, and they sent home a form asking about his likes and dislikes.  Some of the questions and answers were as follows:

What are some things your child finds interesting?

Anything stick-like, balls, water, climbing, books.

What are some things that your child may be fearful of?

So far he's almost scarily fearless.

What is one thing you would really like for your child to learn or work on while in this classroom?

Using utensils (Mostly because he really seems to want to!) 

The one year doctor visit betting was on, of course.  He's still not quite 25 pounds (Sweet Husband won that one), but at 32 inches he's apparently quite tall for someone who can just barely wrap his arms around my knees.  (And I finally guessed his height right!)

As soon as the weather really-truly warms up--and the mud turns to grass again--our poor chickens aren't going to know what hit them.