The Room of Yes

kid's room

As a sort of birthday present to the Kiddo, we reorganized his room to give him more freedom.  Other than the addition of some shelves, just a few bits of artwork, and the little chair, it really was a reorganization as opposed to a redo.  But nonetheless, it turned out well and has become one of the most used spaces in our home. kid's room
While I couldn't move all of the artwork down to his level (lathe and plaster walls + nail holes from previous owners = need for strategic placement sometimes), I pulled everything I could down to the Kid's height. kid's room

In addition to buying freestanding shelves (the blue ones pictured below), we turned a little wasted space between the Kid's closet and the wall into a book nook.  While there are still some bigger books out of reach on the top shelf (our copies of Shel Silverstein, for example) the Kid can reach and pull out all of his other books when he wants to read them.  Of course, despite this freedom to choose, we still read Pete the Cat about a hundred times a day! kid's room
kid's room

For some reason, the Kid is obsessed with things that will flutter when you blow on them.  Because he liked his bird mobile so much, I added a few more "blowy things" in the form of some Japanese paper balloons.  They're attached to the ceiling with washi tape.  (In fact, many things in the Kid's room are attached with washi tape--it's nicer on the walls up there.) kid's room

I wanted a growth chart, but I didn't want it to be a) cheesy or b) permanently attached to the wall.  So I just tacked up two yard sticks, end-to-end.

The little, vintage school chair came from our local flea market.  It's still just a teeny bit big for the Kid to sit in, but he loves pushing it around the floor. kid's room
kid's room
kid's room
When we still had a guest bed in this room, it had about a thousand pillows on it.  (OK, more like eight or nine--I was preggers when we bought them, and I think Sweet Husband was afraid to argue with me about it.)  Because that was a ridiculous number of pillows, I stole the stuffing from about half of them to make these bigger throw pillows.  (Except for the small, blue one--it came from IKEA.)  The over-stuffing makes them so very nice to sink into when trying to get a grumpy boy to sleep.

Some curtain clips and a printed duvet cover (also IKEA) covered up the sliding closet door, and the Kid loves our family picture, his little mirror, and his moon chart. kid's room

I had been calling the "new" room "the fort", because it reminds me a bit of a tree house or something.  Anytime we let the Kid loose in the house now, he tries to head upstairs to play there.  

But Sweet Husband summed it up best.  After a frustrating evening cooking dinner in the kitchen--"No, no, Kiddo, don't play with the aluminum foil...Ahhh!  Get out of the dog water!...KID!  We do not eat dish soap!"--we all went upstairs to play for a bit before bedtime.  Visibly relaxing, Sweet Husband said, "I like it up here...this is the room of 'yes'."