The Garden of Garlic

garden, plan, 2012
I went a little wild planting garlic last Fall.  Almost a third of the garden, in fact, is now sprouting pretty green garlic shoots.

In past years, this would have been tragic.  In past years, I tried to cram one of everything, from arugula to zucchini, into my big-but-not-that-big garden.  

This year, I'm feeling much less of a need to do that.  Sure, there are always favorites that I wish could make the cut, but--ya know what--there's always next year.  And thinking about it that way made sketching out this year's map a very quick job.

Peas, because I'm acquiring a taste for them lately.  Lettuce (primarily arugula), because it's so nice to be able to snip some just before dinner.  Also we signed up for the food garden tour again this year, which is early in the season, and the peas and lettuces will be nice looking for that even if everything else isn't quite ready yet.

Sunflowers and cosmos, because I love them and because the ladies can eat the sunflower seeds.

Beets--I think some golden ones instead of the red kind, but maybe a bit of both?  Can't wait to have them with some homemade ricotta!

Tomatoes and peppers and herbs, because it doesn't feel like a real garden to me without them.

And, of course, the raspberries we've been slowly planting each year will be back and producing fruit as well.  (I so hope the Kid likes them as much as I do--can't wait to see that little face all stained with raspberry juice!)

Anyone else getting ready to gear up the garden?  If so, what are you planting this year?