A Spring Evening Stroll

Well, I suppose it's technically not Spring yet, but no one told my daffodils.  And with temperatures predicted to hover around 80 all week, I might have to pull out a few Spring-y dresses in order to match my attire to my mood.

Because it's hard not to be happy to be alive at this time of year.  Sure, the dark mornings these past few days have made me want to roll over and put my head under a pillow, but the sunlight in the evenings is completely worth the trade.  We get to sleep with the windows open for about a month here in Kansas--the perfect window between too hot and too cold--and, friends, let me tell you, I'm living it up!

Tonight, we celebrated the weather by taking an after dinner stroll.  Some sights along the way:


spinning wheel, wheel of fortune, yard art

smart cookie, sign, graffiti

tulips, red, spring

sidewalk, baby, running away