'Tis the Season

Gleefully nibbling into a doughnut from the celebratory box my co-worker brought into work yesterday morning, I proclaimed, "I f'ing love March."  (Except I said the real word.  Potty mouth, I know.)

I think only the residents of a few other lucky, lucky college towns get it, but when a two seed is a "rebuilding year" for your team, March is always a good month.  

In Lawrence, it's not just about basketball--although, lord knows, we love that--March Madness is an entire social season unto itself.  As parents of a young one (who already knows to clap and sing to "I'm a Jayhawk", even if he doesn't quite have the words down yet), our plan is to snuggle in with a bottle o'wine and some nibbles for the first game tonight.  

But as the season goes on--for as long as it goes on--there's always a watch party to attend, an excuse for a long lunch, a reason to get together with a thousand of your best friends and "ohhh" and "ahhh" in unison.  After almost a decade of living here, it's come to feel like the end of Winter to me just as much as seeing the daffodils and dogwoods blooming does.

I'm feeling oddly superstitious about my bracket this year.  I only filled one out at the last second, and I don't think I'm going to put it online even.  It's wishful, as far as these things go, but why not aim big, yes?

Rock Chalk!