Like a Brand New Bunny

When last we spoke about Emily--my childhood bunny that I wanted to refurbish for the Kid for Easter--she had stuffing coming out of her head, numerous other holes in her body, and worn-out clothes.

A few weekends ago, I finally took the plunge and started to repair her.

Even as the adult I am (most days), Emily still has so much personality to me that I found myself having conversations with her as I worked.  

"OK, Em, we're just going to do a practice patch on your foot before I try to fix that big spot on your head."  

"Now, I need to snip your eye off for just a few minutes, but I promise I'll put it right back as soon as we get your brains stuffed in."

While I'm apparently not the most reassuring surgeon, I got the job done more or less to a level I'm happy with.  If anyone is curious, I ended up deciding to cut patches out of cream muslin, and I sewed them on using a quilting needle.  The quilting needle ended up being essential--a regular needle was much too big for the small stitches required.

Once the structural repairs were made, it was time for the clothes.  Emily is not a standard size so I couldn't find a pattern to suit, but I was able to make her pants by tracing and enlarging the pair of pants from the Kid's Waldorf doll.  (I used the general method described in The Creative Family.)

Her sweater is also heavily improvised.  I knit it from the bottom-up, casting-on 60 stitches and very loosely using the construction method for the child's placket-neck sweater in Last-Minute Knitted Gifts.

(Brief aside:  I have a co-worker whom I'm helping teach how to knit.  I keep just starting in on knitting projects without referencing a pattern first, all the while telling her, "This is not a good way to do this!"  Nice Co-worker, if you're reading this, I stand by my contention that knitting without a good pattern only leads to heartbreak.  In addition to starting over a few times, I threw this teeny bunny sweater across the room one night and, the general direction of Sweet Husband's head another night...really, patterns are good!)

If you read my earlier discussion of this rabbit, you'll know that my intent was to re-christen (and re-gender) "Emily" to "Edward".  But somehow that just doesn't feel right to me now that she (he?  I don't know?) is repaired.  I think she'll be "Emily" to me to the end of my days.  And the Kid will have to use his own imagination to interpret just who this patched-up, little bunny rabbit is.