Isola's Letter Writing Club: How About Some Lovely Stationery?

I wrote my letters early this month.  One night, when Sweet Husband was gone and the Kid was asleep, I got a little lonely and bored, so I decided to go ahead and write. 

One small problem though.  The only paper I could get my hands on was some hideous neon green construction paper.  While I don't believe you have to have special paper to write a good letter, nice stationery does help me get in the proper spirit.  I promised my pen pals to do better next month.

And I will!  Just last week, I saw this lovely "Eggy Stationery Kit Printable" in Alice Cantrell's Etsy shop, and bought the downloadable PDF.  A quick trip to the print shop, and now I am stocked with enough adorable stationery to last the year.  Her little watercolor eggs are so beautiful that I've been finding all sorts of excuses to send mail.

Alice has generously donated another downloadable copy of the Eggy Stationery for me to giveaway today.  The winner will be emailed the kit in PDF form, which will allow you to print off your very own pretty paper, cards, labels, and envelopes.  To enter, leave a comment below.  If you are a letter writing club member, I'd love to hear how it's going with your pen pal.  If not, just an "I'd love to win this" is fine too.  I'll pick a winner Thursday morning at 10 a.m.

And for this month's writing prompt:  What do you see outside your window today?