Sunday-ing, Rock Chalk Style

We began the morning with enforced, extended pajama time while the dryer finished our clothes for the day.

March cookie club

Then had lunch with his Grandma-Great and Great-Auntie.  (We're in a hard-to-eat-out-with phase.  They were nice enough not to notice!)
March cookie club-1

Next, a trip to the park--much more exciting than lunch--and a quick stop in to meet Great-Auntie's new kitten.  (The Kid was indifferent, but I love to snuggle a kitten when I get the chance.)
March cookie club-3

And then home just in time to watch the second half of the big game...which ended with a quick stroll down to Mass Street to watch the festivities when our Jayhawks won.  (We stayed to the outside of the crowd with the Kid, but I couldn't let him miss the party for his first Final Four!)
March cookie club-2
Last, a triumphant march through South Park (with our special KU flag that I made when the 'Hawks won in 2008), and home to bath and bed with the sounds of the cheers still floating in through our windows.

(P.S. The winner of the Eggy Stationery download is Shelly.  Shelly, an email to you with the file should be on the way shortly!)