Dinner Party, No-Fuss Edition


A friend turned me on to this idea this past summer, and--for those of us with littles who sometimes struggle to socialize with other grown-ups--it's brilliant.

The next time you want to get together for dinner with your friends with kids, meet them at the park.  Have one family grab a pizza or two, and the other bring utensils and drinks.  Bada-bing, bada-boom--it's a no-fuss, kid-friendly dinner party.

The grown-ups get time for adult conversation.  The kids get to run amok, instead of being confined to chairs in a restaurant.  And no one has to worry about cooking or cleaning-up. In one fell swoop, it eliminates all of our typical barriers to getting to hang out with our friends.

Not only is it great fun to be outside on these gorgeous fall evenings, you can run off your pizza calories with an after-dinner game of tag.  Give it a try before the weather gets cold!