We Love the Pig

dry-aged salamiThe Kid loves pig.  It's become a family joke.  Sausage, salami, prosciutto, ham, bacon--if it used to "oink" he will eat it with gusto.  All we have to say anymore is, "It's pig!  You like pig, remember?"

He comes by it honestly.  His dada and I used to celebrate every Friday night with a bottle of wine, a hunk of cheese, and a quarter pound of prosciutto.  It's probably too simple to call a "meal", but nevertheless it's our favorite one.  

One of these days when we have our imaginary farm in the country, I think a pig or two may have to be in the animal rotation.  In the meantime, this past weekend, when Nice Father-In-Law said, "Here, take a few [three foot long batons] of these dry-aged salami I made home with you to try," I heard, "Here, take a few of these bars of gold home with you."

It's true, we love the pig.