Soaking It Up

At the first of the year, I emailed a few friends to organize a rotating dinner club.  When picking the dates, I briefly noted that our night for hosting would fall during the Final Four, but figured it would be safe this year because our team just wasn't that good.

Ahem.  Sorry about that, Jayhawks.

But it did work out well, because I had arranged for one of the Kid's favorite teachers to come hang with him for the night so that I could cook without distraction.  Despite the fact that our dinner party turned into "snacks you can eat while jumping up and down", it worked out well because we got to head downtown for a bit of the post-game celebration.  (So far Lawrencians have been mostly classy in our celebrations, but just the sheer size of the crowd makes it--in my parental judgement, at least--not a particularly appropriate place for the small fry.)

Hanging out in the middle of the street, I felt...truly, a bit older than I did in 2008, when I could have just allowed myself to be pushed along with the crowd for hours.  This year was more of a quick walk through...a little people watching...some cheering and hunting for the impromptu bands.  

But the atmosphere was just as amazing.  Onward ho and rock chalk!