Floating On

This morning was a Monday.  Among other things, halfway up the stairs to work, I was trying to sling my purse over my head and spilled coffee all over my shirt.  Like, badly enough that I spent the next ten minutes in the bathroom rinsing it out and the next hour shut up in my office (in the tank top I had layered underneath--yay layers!) with a fan blowing on my soaking wet shirt.

I was quickly sinking into one of those despair-y moods, but sometimes--particularly in the Spring--"floating on" is much easier than it is at others.  It's hard to stay grumpy when....

....the lilacs are blooming and you can smell them everywhere.

....your Kid is using so many words!  "Mama" and "Dada", of course, but also "up" and "all done" and "more" and "Moe" and "yes" and "ohhhh no!"  I think this is my favorite stage so far--I love that we can talk a bit now.

....and he's started bringing home so much artwork too.  It's not something we make time for at home as much as I would like--we tend to spend our messy time digging in the dirt instead--but I love seeing what he creates.

....I was able to make it to the flea market this weekend and collect several pots and pans for the Kid's banging wall.  I'm hoping we can get the wall installed this weekend!

....in response to the Kid's cries of "che, che, che!" as we walked up to the cheese counter, the cheesemonger at our grocery store (three cheers for the Merc!) popped out with a sample to make the rest of my shopping trip easier.

....Sweet Husband insists on a walk to the park after dinner.  The Kid adores the slides, but I love swinging best.

....your husband is folding laundry while you blog.  It takes a good guy to be married to us writing-all-the-time types.