The Crown Jewel


I've been having Mornings (capital "M" intentional) for most of this week, and today was the worst of all.  (Flat tire + court at 9 = Lots of bad, bad words!)  But somehow throughout the day--all day, in fact--my friends took care of me.  From rides to and from work, a trip for coffee, a much needed end of the day painting session at the Kid's school, and Sweet Husband taking care of both child and automobile so that I could concentrate on my client....a day that could have gone very wrong did not because my little circle of "people" really stepped up for me.

And then I came home and found that our little Etta had not only laid an egg, but managed to get it into the nest box too.

With the exception of Tori--who is brilliant and put her eggs in the nest box from the get go--all of our chickens have learned that the nest box is the place to lay eggs by seeing other chickens do it.  But poor Etta can't really see well, so, while we suspect she lays eggs quite often, we rarely find them because they're tiny and she lays them all over the yard.  

When I opened the door to the nest boxes and saw her little egg nestled safely in the wood chips, it was the tangible crown jewel to all the little miracles of today.