Some Plant Markers


We should sign up for the food garden tour every year, if only to make me a better gardener.  Because even though part of the idea is "here's our garden, weeds and all", knowing that people will be coming to look at it in a few months inspires me to add little touches that I wouldn't go to the trouble of otherwise.

This weekend, I found a bunch of apple wood sticks that I had been saving for a special fire some night.  A few were pressed into service for the banging wall, but I decided to make the rest into plant markers.

This is originally a Martha idea.  She used a vegetable peeler to scrape off the bark on one end of her sticks.  We just used a knife.  (I'm afraid it would have ruined my vegetable peeler, and the knife was more handy anyway.)

Even though I don't need them to know what's planted where, I think they ended up looking awfully sweet poking out of my vegetable beds.