Angry Bird


Gladys has decided she wants to become a mother.  I thought Tori was determined when she went broody last summer, but Tori has nothing on Ms. Gladys.

In the space of two hours yesterday evening, I had to remove her from her nest three times.  And when I say "remove" I don't mean a polite shove.  

Did you ever play the game "dead weight" with your siblings as a child?  The one where you just sort of go limp and make the other person try not to drop you?  (Oh, that was just me?  Hm.)

Anyway, that's what Gladys was doing.  I'd push her off the nest and she would just lay next to it, all sprawled out in whatever position she ended up in.  I had to open up the big door of the coop, crawl in to completely pick her up, and then toss her outside.

I don't really want a rooster, but--at times like these--I start to think I wouldn't mind so much.  I feel like it's going against nature a bit to not give her the chance to have chicks when, obviously, everything in her tiny hen biology is telling her that she needs to.