Isola's Letter Writing Club: Word to the Wise, Keep Your Stationery Safe From Dogs

People often ask me how we're doing with a mobile toddler on the loose.  Did we have to move all of our possessions to high ground?  Is our house safe?  It makes me chuckle because we've effectively been living in a baby-proofed house for about seven years now--we have a terrier. 

Except that sometimes our terrier exceeds my expectations.  Like the other day when he jumped on top of our china cabinet and got his muddy paw prints all over my freshly printed stationery.  

Do other people go through periods of time when they "don't speak to" their dogs?  I know that getting mad--particularly as far after the fact as we sometimes catch him--is not productive, but I have to let out my frustration somehow, so I give Moe the silent treatment.  He doesn't really notice, but it makes me feel better, so.

In the interests of keeping your stationery safe from dogs, a giveaway.

Just something I knocked together the other night.  As is typical of my sewn items, it's a bit wonky, but it should do the trick for keeping your letter writing lovelies out of harm's way.  (The stationery is not included, and is only in the picture to properly show the pockets.  You wouldn't want it anyway...unless you like the paw print look.)

To win--and also for this month's writing prompt--what's the best book you've read recently?  And failing that, what's your favorite book?  (I'm curled up re-reading bits of The Night Circus tonight--love!)