In Which Moe Gets Himself a Saturday Night Date with the E-Vet

I was at the feed store picking up some chick food this morning, when I saw this guy on the toy shelf.  Which led to me buying the Kid a whole farm worth of animals, in addition to the crazy terrier.  But we had to have the crazy terrier, of course, because...well, we have a crazy terrier.

Our crazy terrier likes to bark and rumble through the fence at our neighbor's dog.  Said neighbor's dog barks and rumbles right back--it's annoying, but all of the humans involved try to be considerate about it.  We joke that our dogs are "frenemies", and attempt to not let them get too loud when someone is outside trying to enjoy peace and quiet.  

But I don't think the dogs have gotten the memo that they're supposed to be neighborly.  Because Saturday night, when Moe stuck his nose through a small hole at the bottom of the fence, the neighbor's dog took the opportunity to forcefully advise him that his nose was most unwelcome. 

Once Sweet Husband mopped enough blood away to look, he could see that Moe's lip was split in half and he had knocked out a tooth.  Which meant we got to meet the very nice veterinarian who was on call for the weekend, and Moe-moe ended up getting a mouthful of stitches and (another) tooth extracted. 

The patient is doped up to within an inch of his life on pain pills, and the quiet is unnatural.  Even though his own stupidity is largely to blame, we're all feeling awfully sorry for him.  If he could eat solid foods, I'm sure he would manipulate our sympathy into a marrow bone or a turkey leg or something, but as is, he's getting lots of belly scratches as he recovers.