While Dada Napped

Sunday afternoon, Sweet Husband was feeling droopy, so the Kid and I decided to walk to the playground for an hour to make the house nice and quiet for a nap.  

Of course, slides were the first order of the day.  But when my arms got tired of lifting the Kid "up peas", I thought that maybe I could distract him by teaching him how to throw rocks in a nearby mud puddle.

We had gotten a good, soaking rain that morning (the day after we put most of the garden in--score!), so the opportunities for exploration were ample.  In more simple terms, the Kid got good and dirty!

I'm not very persnickety about either him or I getting dirty when we're outside, so I plopped down on the driest spot I could find and watched him.  Throwing pebbles in the puddle was the best fun, I think, followed by digging trenches and squishing mud between his fingers.

It was the best date we've had in recent memory.