Planting (and Burying) in the Garden

In the midst of digging the holes to plant some roses (a whole hedge of them) and veggies (see above), I smiled at Sweet Husband, "Oh, by the way, I cleaned out the freezer for today."

I took him less than three seconds to get my meaning, "Really?  That's awesome!"

Long time readers may recognize this white paper sack and the dilemma contained therein.  It's the Kid's placenta, which we somewhat reluctantly brought home and never have quite been able to figure out what to do with.

It had become a wee bone of contention, actually.

Sweet Husband:  The freezer stinks.

Me:  (Innocently) Hmm, I wonder why?  Maybe we need to clean it?

Sweet Husband:  You know why.  We have to get rid of that thing.

So, as I was driving home with the rose hedge around me--eleven yellow "knock-outs" to be exact--I decided that planting them might just be the worthwhile occasion I've been waiting for...or, even if it wasn't, it would have to do.

I concieved a plan to chop the placenta into bits and plant a little with each bush, but once I unwrapped it I realized that was way too gross.  (I didn't take a picture.  You're welcome.)  Instead, I plunked the whole thing into an extra deep hole under rose bush number 12 (one we had transplanted from another spot in the yard) because it's a hardy little lady that has already survived several moves and plenty of neglect.  I figured, it's lived this long so it probably won't die now.

And, except for perhaps a few zucchini plants to replace my hail battered peas, now the garden 2012 is planted!