Pink Gin and Other Booze


We uncorked the mulberry gin this weekend.  It's not quite as berry flavored as I would like.  I think, If we do it again, I'll a) leave it to sit on the berries longer, and b) muddle the berries, rather than just adding them whole.  That aside, it still makes a very pretty, pink g&t.

We've been a regular booze factory this weekend.  Friday night, Sweet Husband and I had a late night beer bottling date.  The Kid and I had gotten Sweet Husband a kit to make a witbier for his birthday, and--after bubbling in the basement for a few weeks--it was ready to be bottled up and capped off.  (It should be drinkable by next weekend, says Sweet Husband.)

And then, tonight, we're working on a hard cider.  Our grocery store had a sale on unfiltered apple juice a few weeks ago, so we brought home about three gallons.   We basically followed these directions, and I'm hoping it will turn out something like the apple wine that our favorite local vinyard makes--a little drier than your average hard cider.

While brewing (and making cider and doing anything more complicated than a basic infusion) is definitely Sweet Husband's hobby, not mine, I'm glad he's getting back into it.  Even though I'm not a beer drinker, I always have to try a sip when I've watched him do the work of making it.  Also, being the "capper girl" is a really good arm workout!