Dressing Up Dinner

Perhaps it's the bad influence of the five million "French" parenting books recently released, but this weekend I decided to dress our table up a notch.  (I say "bad influence" jokingly.  I enjoyed French Kids Eat Everything, and I laughed out loud at parts of Bringing Up Bebe.  Like any parenting book, there are good bits and silly bits.)

Even as carefree, childless people, we've always done Dinner, capital "D", each night.  It's never been something I felt like we should do or we had to do.  It's more of a treat.  To plan something yummy.  To chop and stir and simmer.  To sit down for thirty minutes and enjoy a meal and each other.  Even though it takes work and planning, I look forward to it enough to make it worthwhile.

Of course, with the entrance of the Kid, the whole production has become a little more abbreviated, but we still do it.  And now we're doing it with pretty, homemade place mats.  (Well, Sweet Husband and I are using them.  As a wee American toddler, the Kid is still reserving his right to throw food.)

Also, if anyone is interested, I'm putting our "dinner plan" online again.  Until a few weeks ago, we had always done a paper list taped to the fridge, but the list keeps getting lost.  Also, having access to "the list" from everywhere solves the problem of the three in the afternoon text from Sweet Husband, "What's for dinner tonight?"  

Anyway, if you're interested, it's a pinterest board....Dinner This Week.