A Dada-Made Learning Tower

As we stared at the Kid's completed floor bed several months ago, Sweet Husband said, "You know, I really like doing a little woodworking every now and then."

"Really?"  I asked, "Because, if you're serious, I have a 'next project' for you."

He affirmed that he really was serious, so I showed him these plans for a learning tower.  A learning tower is a safer way for small kiddos to help out in the kitchen.  It raises them to counter top level, but with safety bars that make it harder to fall as compared to an ordinary step stool.  

With the Kid's interest in doing whatever we're doing, I could see how such a thing could come in handy.  While the $200 price tag for a commercially made tower was not in the budget, when Sweet Husband estimated that we could DIY it for about $50, I was sold!

Just to keep it real, it took him a few months--working in fits and spurts--to finish it.  Also, I still feel like we need to add further safety bars (or keep fairly close to the Kid while he's standing on it) because he did wriggle off during a trial run in the (thankfully soft) yard the other day.

That all being said, I think it's only going to get more useful as the Kid gets older.  Right now, he just likes to be up on our level, but someday he's going to want to help chop and stir and mix.  And this is perfect for that!  In addition to being super sturdy, the height is adjustable (the platform moves up and down) so this will probably work until he's big enough to reach the counter by himself.

Well done Dada!