In Which He Is Not Excited By a Tent


Like most kids, I think, I loved tents when I was little.  I remember putting blankets over chairs to make them inside, and I remember putting up my dad's big tent in the backyard to camp outside in the summer.  That being the case, when I saw this idea for a tent made of scrap wood and a sheet, I told Sweet Husband, "I'll bet the Kid would think that's so cool!"

A dowel rod and corresponding size drill bit were procured (we had the scrap wood and the sheet already).  Sweet Husband drilled the holes, and I hemmed up the sheet.  Instead of using elastic to attach the sheet to the poles, I sewed on leftover strips of the sheet to make ties.  As you can see, I put ties at the top, in the middle, and on the bottom, to keep the sheet from flapping too much.

Unfortunately, the Kid has not--as of yet--been impressed.  He inspected it, crawled through once, and then went to play with his other toys.

Trying to be encouraging, I put his digging toys inside the tent.
Alas, still no dice.  Eh, perhaps he'll enjoy it more down the road.

And in the meantime, I may have to drag out a big pillow, lay back, and use it as reading shade--even as a grown-up, I still love tents!