Mulberries Playing Hard to Get


It's mulberry season in our part of the world.  Some people don't like the tartness of mulberries, but I am not among them.  While we don't have a tree that's technically in our yard, our neighbors have never seemed to mind when we pick from the part of their tree that hangs over our fence.

For the past few years I've gotten (very few) berries by jumping up, grabbing hold of a branch, and pulling it down gently to pick what I can.  The other morning, I walked outside and Sweet Husband had gotten out the ladder.  

Duh!  So much easier!

Even with the ladder though, the amount of berries we can reach is small.  I'd love to be able to make pies and tarts and things, but we seem destined to only have enough to make more pink gin, so I'll have to "settle" for that.