Isola's Letter Writing Club: How Does Your Garden Grow?

I don't remember how it came up--I may have completely brought it up on my own, in fact--but last month I ended up writing my pen pal a few paragraphs about my garden.  I could have gone on and on, but mid-letter it occurred to me, "I don't know if she's a gardener or not...."  So--with promises not to bore her about tomatoes and squash for the rest of the summer if she is not, of course--I asked, pretty point-blank, "Are you a gardener?".  I haven't thought what I'll write about all summer if she is not, but surely something else has to be going on in my life, right?

In that vein, for this month's writing prompt, do you garden?  If so, what's growing for you right now?  If not, what are your other favorite things to do when the weather starts to get warm?

And while we're on the "garden" theme, I have another pretty stationery giveaway for you all!  This month's giveaway is from MaiAutumn, an Etsy shop with lovely watercolors, jewelry, and stationery.  The randomly chosen winner will receive eight of the pink thistle cards pictured above.  To enter, just leave a comment below.  I'll pick a winner Wednesday evening.  (Reminder: you don't have to be part of the letter writing club to enter!) 

And please do go check out MaiAutumn--her watercolor birds just beautiful!