A [Slightly Controversial] Child's Cowl


Me:  "Can I just take a few pictures of this on you real quick?  You don't have to wear it all day until it gets colder, I promise."

The Kid:  "I want to take it off."

Me:  "Puh-lease, pretty please...I'll buy you a chocolate milk at breakfast...."

The Kid:  *Much pulling and grabbing at cowl.*

Me:  "Could I get just a tiny smile?"

The Kid:  *Dirty look.*

In the long run, I'm not worried.  When it's 15 degrees outside, instead of just 41, he'll be happy to keep his face warm.

And the pattern, which is Elizabeth's Child's Cowl (my Ravelry notes), was quick and just enough more interesting than a plain cowl to be fun.  I think it looks like Legos up close.  I added a few extra repeats to make it taller, but other than that it's a very nice knit for keeping little necks cozy.